conversion rate

How to increase conversion rate on your website with a visible proof to the visitors?

Reading Time: 16 minutes Conversion rate optimization is as important as SEO is. The very essence of it makes it that important. What would do of the high traffic if there’s no subscriber or purchase? That’s why you need Conversion rate optimization. Here’s are 8 most comprehensive ways to increase conversions & a tool.

voice search optimization

How to optimize your content for voice search | 2017 edition

Reading Time: 12 minutes It’s already the mobile era. Mobile has taken over the internet world by a storm. Mobile search vs desktop search has got a winner back in 2015. The searches made on mobile is way more than the searches made on desktops. Everything was going cool and smooth, then the voice search happened. Marketers fastened their…

homepage SEO

Homepage SEO – Here’s how you can do it right now.

Reading Time: 9 minutes A lot of businesses start of their websites for various purposes. A business that prevails online needs a proper exposure. The exposure that gets them, customers, leads, traffic and few more such statistical goals. Before a website gets any of its web pages in front million eyes, shouldn’t the homepage SEO be strong at first…

hire an SEO

How to hire an SEO for your business?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Okay so your business is growing in length and breadth and you need professional SEO guidance to keep up the rank of your website. You are told by someone to hire an SEO but not sure how? You’re already occupied with building content/products/services and hence have little to no time do the SEO. You must be…


Blogging: How to get started with monetizing your blog?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Your income is not just limited to $1000, you can add few more zeroes to the figure. There are blogs making 7 figures at year and owner of the blogs have more than one such blogs making it multiple such 7-figures income. So how do few people manage to grab this esteemed position in the market as blogger ?