What are backlinks and how does getting it easily improves your SEO rankings right now

Reading Time: 13 minutes Backlinks are #1 signal that Google considers for ranking a page on SERPs and hence it’s very important for bloggers to focus on. It is also one of the most spoken terms in SEO industry. Apart from planning a post to do well on SERPs, it is important to implement the same right to improve…

Google adsense best practices

Google Adsesne: Best-paying niches to earn with Google Adsense

Reading Time: 9 minutes Google adsense is heartthrob to bloggers, google adsense is the first thing to strike mind when it comes to monetizing efforts. So why google adsense is so obvious for us? This guide will cover all points to be considered before finalizing the niche. Google however, has eligibility criteria set which inlines it’s core policies, and mind you google is very very strict about it.

How to quickly earn from Instagram? Step-by-step guide

Reading Time: 8 minutes In the previous post, we saw how useful and easy Instagram is for boosting our businesses with little effort of reaching people based out of our business location. In this post, we’ll see how amazingly you can turn your Instagram account into 4 digits earning machine(to begin with). Subsequent sections have amazing numbers & tips with…

How to get huge traffic from Instagram right now?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Considering the huge popularity of Instagram, let’s explore what makes it so famous and can’t-be-without app ? So if numbers are to believed (trust me, it’s genuine one) then there are over 500+ million monthly active users, just a little over 300 million users active on daily basis. 95+ million photos a day, which comes around 216,000 photos a minute, 4.2 bn likes a day.

Keywords research for SEO: Everything you need to know

Reading Time: 8 minutes What does it take to come up the to the top in search result? A perfect blend of high-quality content and 2-3 super strong keywords as part of keyword optimization in SEO. Which further brings in traffic to your website or blog. Promotion does play a vital role but relying on keywords too are inevitable…


How to earn more revenue with a good traffic of your blog-Right now

Reading Time: 8 minutes In the previous post, we saw the standard in & outs of blogging. Now In this post, I will try to bring some clarity on Website Monetization. Monetization basically means, generating revenue against the unique content you produce and amazing traffic on your site. It is no surprise that most of us begun blogging with one…

What is blogging? – All you need to know to earn fast

Reading Time: 7 minutes Blogging is the new nine-to-five for the upcoming generation and the generation that was little late to this transition period- US. Blogging is becoming more of a hobby and as per the senses, 6 out of 10 youngsters already own at least 2 medium scale blogs on their name. Blogging generates revenue which is actually…