Google adsense best practices

Google Adsense Auto Ads: Beginner guide to configure and master it

Reading Time: 5 minutes Google Adsense is one of the best when it comes to advertisements. Almost 90% of its revenue comes from advertisements. Speaking of ads, Google has recently rolled out all new way to monetize your blog and generate more revenue. Google Adsense auto ads is a powerful new way to place ads on your website/blog. Google Adsense auto…

Google adsense best practices

Google AdSense: Things you should do before and after the approval

Reading Time: 10 minutes Google AdSense is really particular about the quality of pages their ads appear on the publisher’s blog/website. So, it is really very important to have good quality pages. By good quality pages what I mean is a good quality content, a good navigation, good design and a good look and feel of the web pages.…

Adwords best practices

Hit the right chords for a successful Google Adwords campaign

Reading Time: 14 minutes A business without an advertisement is like oxygen, it’s there but no one can see it. While it’s not the case that only a developing business needs advertisements, even Google has ads running on their own network. Google is the king of ad network industry and the Google Adwords is the Crown of our King,…


What are backlinks and how does getting it easily improves your SEO rankings right now

Reading Time: 13 minutes Backlinks are #1 signal that Google considers for ranking a page on SERPs and hence it’s very important for bloggers to focus on. It is also one of the most spoken terms in SEO industry. Apart from planning a post to do well on SERPs, it is important to implement the same right to improve…

improve google search rankings

[SEO 2017]- 16 working tips to rank high in SERPs, EASILY!!

Reading Time: 14 minutes How does Google decide which content is worth placing on the top? What does Google use to scale the page rank of a piece of information? What is that observance that makes Google place your content on the top of rest others?


12 Best CPM ad networks that you cannot afford to miss in 2018 [updated list]

Reading Time: 11 minutes With so many websites showing up on the web earning from CPC becomes super difficult. And affiliate marketing too is tentative (no wonder it is super powerful but equally tentative) and that too has competition that makes your earnings so narrow that you are forced to maintain multiple sources of income from multiple sources. And in this post, we will see what are the super amazing ways you can earn from CPM ads which technically reduces the margin of revenue you miss when CPC ads occupy space on your blog.


Blogging: Importance of mobile friendliness of your blog.

Reading Time: 7 minutes As google has confirmed that more than 60% of searches are made through a mobile device in 10 countries including US & Japan. Hence it becomes really important to focus on the mobile version of your blog/site more than the web version. However, the web version is also equally important but mobile version has the upper hand this time.