build email list

Why you need to build an Email List to sell through Email – And exact steps how to build an Email list

Reading Time: 11 minutes Email marketing is #1 way to reach your prospect and marketing your business. To do that you need to build email list. If you are not already having an email list, you are making a HUGE mistake. In this guide, you will learn to build email list and sell anything through email

spam trigger words

Email SPAM trigger words 2018 | List of spam words to avoid in email marketing {450+ spam trigger words}

Reading Time: 12 minutes Drafting your next email can be as stressful as writing content for your blog post. Above this, what if the email you drafted with so much time and efforts, lands up in a SPAM box of your subscriber? This happens even if your subscriber has explicitly chosen to sign up for your newsletter? Ever wondered…

Transactional Emails

9 untapped transactional emails best practices & 6 tools to win your audience every time

Reading Time: 10 minutes Many pro marketers know the power of Email marketing and are well-versed in email list building. They convert subscriber into customers like a pro and keep building the list side by side. However, this is vast space and needs time and patience to completely understand and master it. And those who are new to this…