DesignEvo Review: Create professional logos for your company for FREE!

Reading Time: 8 minutes DesignEvo Review Logo Maker – Your Best Choice to Design Logos Online for FREE A good logo can not only speak for your company or brand but also attract potential client for you. So it’s necessary to create a qualified and unique logo for your business. Hire a professional designer or do it yourself could be…

Google adsense best practices

Google Adsense Auto Ads: Beginner guide to configure and master it

Reading Time: 5 minutes Google Adsense is one of the best when it comes to advertisements. Almost 90% of its revenue comes from advertisements. Speaking of ads, Google has recently rolled out all new way to monetize your blog and generate more revenue. Google Adsense auto ads is a powerful new way to place ads on your website/blog. Google Adsense auto…

Google adsense best practices

Google AdSense: Things you should do before and after the approval

Reading Time: 10 minutes Google AdSense is really particular about the quality of pages their ads appear on the publisher’s blog/website. So, it is really very important to have good quality pages. By good quality pages what I mean is a good quality content, a good navigation, good design and a good look and feel of the web pages.…

Time management for bloggers

1 way and 7 tips to manage yourself to manage your time as a blogger

Reading Time: 11 minutes Blogging is a profession now. A lot of professionals are turning away from the core industry and becoming a professional blogger. Blogging is no more a hobby, it is a profession that has clearly shown some wonderful results for many. But blogging is not easy when it comes to coping with the competition. Blogging can…

how to setup wordpress blog

How to create a WordPress website/blog right away in 2018 – step by step guide

Reading Time: 14 minutes Do you have an idea that you think would be great if made public? Are you looking for how to Create a WordPress website? Do you want to reach millions with your writing and ideas? If your answer is yes then this post is for you. I have faced the same issue when I was…


What are backlinks and how does getting it easily improves your SEO rankings right now

Reading Time: 13 minutes Backlinks are #1 signal that Google considers for ranking a page on SERPs and hence it’s very important for bloggers to focus on. It is also one of the most spoken terms in SEO industry. Apart from planning a post to do well on SERPs, it is important to implement the same right to improve…

improve google search rankings

[SEO 2017]- 16 working tips to rank high in SERPs, EASILY!!

Reading Time: 14 minutes How does Google decide which content is worth placing on the top? What does Google use to scale the page rank of a piece of information? What is that observance that makes Google place your content on the top of rest others?