Do you share the same passion as I do for the beauty of Search Engines? Do you think your knowledge can add value to already existing content on Btricks? Are you looking for a platform to do guest posting for SEO and get into the real business of creating a top quality search results? If your answer is “Yes” to all these questions then you have landed the right place.

At Btricks I have always tried to deliver the best, it’s okay if the frequency is low but the intensity of the content delivered is of utmost priority.

A brief about Btricks

As you already read Btricks primarily focuses on “Digital Marketing” so here you are expected to come up with new Ideas on the anything that would help an Online business grow positively.

Currently, content on SEO solutions are prepared and published. This is a very vast topic to be handled single handed. That’s where I seek your presence. We will work together and create content so powerful that will help more and more small, medium or even large businesses grow and win in their races.

Topic covered under SEO so far on Btricks are

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Marketing & Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing

Apart from this, there are so many untapped topics that I will be rolling out in subsequent weeks.

Ever growing market of E-commerce is the next focus shift I am planning so In case you too are interested in it, you can contribute to that too.

I am on a mission to rank on page #1, top 5 to be exact for any content under the brand- Btricks. The reason behind this is the fact that we help businesses rank on page one and if our content ranks low that gonna affect overall reputation of the brand. So You and I can create content that would be super helpful to users and super-duper search engine friendly.

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