Who’d deny more organic traffic from the search engine? When I was a beginner into blogging I had no idea what should I do to get more traffic. I was in an impression that to get more page views you need to be super active on social media which brings in traffic to your website. SEO Consulting for websites drove you here, and now that you are here means I’ve hit the right chords.

In spite of using Google search for years together, I had no idea about SEO. Now that I have, I will be sharing my learning and experience to grow your businesses online.

About the search engines

Since its inception, the search engine has only grown to become a part of daily lives. Growing business online is not a child’s play, neither its rocket science.

Today, there are over 200 factors that help Google(major search engine across the globe) determine the rank of your web page. You have one website for your business and you cannot contain all the 200 factors the way it ought to be.

These 200 factors are like 200 uneven pieces of glass, you can never make a perfect picture with all these 200 factors. Only a few pieces can make it certain for your business.

Let us leave these 200 factors to Google’s algorithm, at our level there few factors that can bring huge traffic without even spending a single dollar on advertising.

One tactic that drives hell lot of traffic to any website is “Content” and over the year I spend Blogging and SEO I kind of have dissolved “Content marketing” in my work ethics. This tactic is at the top of the pyramid, what’s below is something that will bring more business to you.

I will be working closely with you to bring more sales, traffic and leads to your business. Over the years I’ve worked for my websites, for my clients’ I’ve come across my strength: Bringing more traffic.

Basics of SEO plus your investment plus my efforts are the three musketeers that would do great in long run.

Tell me more about your business by filling the form below. Book a consulting session and get your SEO Audit done for free and at no extra charges to you.

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