WordPress FAQ

WordPress FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions on WordPress, ‘Answered’

Reading Time: 23 minutes I’ve been using WordPress for years now. With blogging becoming a professional thing recently, there are more and more people joining this league, there are beginners every other day. And beginners bring a ton of questions, I’ve been seeing a lot of questions from beginners across various forums and platforms. That inspired me to create…

anchor links

How To Create Anchor Links in WordPress & have a great UX for readers

Reading Time: 15 minutes Anchor links help you give an awesome UX to your end users. Create anchor links in wordpress with plugins and manually. But it has a problem, that will pull down the chances of seeing your content rank higher.
Learn how you can mitigate this dead-lock and enhance the UX in this post.

delete wordpress plugin

How to properly delete wordpress plugin manually from backend

Reading Time: 11 minutes Are you not able to access the wordpress dashboard to delete wordpress plugin? It happens when you install certain plugins that require a supportive framework to function. In that case, the wordpress dashboard turns inaccessible. Here’s how you can delete wordpress plugin from the database.