LinkedIn Mistakes

Ditch Regrets by Avoiding These LinkedIn Mistakes in 2019

Reading Time: 11 minutes LinkedIn is a powerhouse for leads. Be it business opportunities or gigs as assignments. But it’s important to show up well. LinkedIn is a platform where absolute professional people hop in every day. Therefore if not already, you should focus on representing yourself well to not miss any business opportunities. In this guide, I will…

Pinterest Marketing

Ultimate Guide on Pinterest Marketing: “PIN” your brand on top of all

Reading Time: 24 minutes Do you rely on social media for referral traffic? Are you looking for referral traffic from high traffic social platforms? Do you think your content stands out from the rest? If the answers were three ‘Yes’, then this guide on Pinterest Marketing will be of great help to you. You probably already know how important…

How to get huge traffic from Instagram right now?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Considering the huge popularity of Instagram, let’s explore what makes it so famous and can’t-be-without app ? So if numbers are to believed (trust me, it’s genuine one) then there are over 500+ million monthly active users, just a little over 300 million users active on daily basis. 95+ million photos a day, which comes around 216,000 photos a minute, 4.2 bn likes a day.