Top 3 steps to easily write great content for your blog

Reading Time: 5 minutes They say “success rate of any blog/site directly proportional to the rate at which top quality content is constantly published” — Sounds so newton, and they are absolutely true. According to stats published by Technorati — 2,75,000 blog posts are made per day and 12000 blogs are created every day. With this in mind, we better be stubborn enough to constantly produce quality content at minimum speed of 4–5 posts a day.


How to earn more revenue with a good traffic of your blog-Right now

Reading Time: 8 minutes In the previous post, we saw the standard in & outs of blogging. Now In this post, I will try to bring some clarity on Website Monetization. Monetization basically means, generating revenue against the unique content you produce and amazing traffic on your site. It is no surprise that most of us begun blogging with one…

What is blogging? – All you need to know to earn fast

Reading Time: 7 minutes Blogging is the new nine-to-five for the upcoming generation and the generation that was little late to this transition period- US. Blogging is becoming more of a hobby and as per the senses, 6 out of 10 youngsters already own at least 2 medium scale blogs on their name. Blogging generates revenue which is actually…