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Welcome to Btricks community for bloggers and online business owners. A community of people who are into blogging and/or own an online business. These are the people who are striving to get rid of regular 9 to 5 jobs and make their own fortune.

What will you find on Btricks?

  • Tips on blogging, SEO, SEM, and internet marketing as a whole.

  • Guides on setting up your first dream website/online business, managing it and making money out of it.

  • Generating leads, growing traffic to your website and stuffs like that.

  • Internet marketing tips for business owners who are trying to leave their mark on the web. Tips and guides herein are not restricted to one niche, my business to help other businesses grow - be it from any niche.

  • "How to" guides for various ways and strategies for increasing website traffic, sales and user base.

I began this journey of blogging 5 years back, (frankly, it started way back in when I was in school) with a free technology blog hosted on Blogspot. Just like other new buds back then I too worked very hard in increasing traffic on my website. That is when I came to know about search engine optimization, learned it and decided to teach others about SEO.

I started by crawling in this industry and I don't want enthusiastic bloggers to start that way, hence I am on a mission to teach everything that I have learned over the years and exactly the way I missed learning. I want you and your business to RUN towards the goals, and not crawl like I did.

Undoubtedly, Blogging is all about writing your experiences. That's just one part of the story. If you can share your experience that can help other like-minded people like you then it can become a serious route to generate a passive income through blogging. If you are a scuba diving expert, imagine how many scuba diving enthusiasts you can help with your experience. That's exactly what I am determined to do here.

At Btricks, you can find answers to

  • How to make blogging as a career and sustain your financial growth passively.

  • What it takes to have a kickass website that users would rely on for their answers.

  • How to make the internet work for you and make $$$ while you zzz.

  • How to make yourself an authoritative brand and influencer to help others.

Things you will not find here

  • Quickfire ways to become rich, richer and richest.

  • Illegal techniques that will grow traffic on your website for a short period of time.

  • Biased content just because they're sponsored

Brain Behind Btricks

SEO Consulting Services

Shubham Davey 

I finished my schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Chennai back in 2011. Finished my bachelor's degree from DG Vaishnav College, Chennai. And no, I was not a great student with outstanding marks. I was lucky enough to learn early, a concept that is applicable to everyone and everything, keep cool and simple. 

From the career standpoint, I started my 9to6 career with Cognizant. I worked there for 35 months while I managed to blog in parallel. You can figure out what was I good at, yes smarty it was Blogging. So I decided to quit the race of IT life and get on backfoot and do blogging professionally. I knew there was a risk of financial crunch if I quit the job, but trust me this risk was worth taking. I was determined.


If you are determined, nothing can stop you. Not even financial crunch.Click To Tweet

I began blogging back in early 2013. Blogging was something that began out of curiosity. A friend of mine used to type on a computer all the time and that's when I came to know about this field. He helped me create a Blogspot account, set up my blog and since that day I haven't looked back again. Btricks and I have seen a tremendous growth since then, in terms of knowledge, in terms of quality and in terms of anything that seems awesome here.

I started with a technology blog and while working on getting more traffic I came to know about search engine optimization or SEO in short. I absorbed it as much as I can and decided to help bloggers and business owners like you to grow business in terms of traffic, sales, leads, user base and goals like these.

That's how Btricks was born.

While I am growing while helping you grow, I have got more than just money. I have the freedom, freedom to work from anywhere. My presence to work is not a materialistic location.

I am also into photography. This makes me super busy throughout the week.

Here's a sample photo of what I am good at. Check out the Instagram handle for more of these photos.

You'd ask why photography? Why not full time blogging as a profession.

In the early stage of my learning, I came to know about a very interesting quote that has helped in becoming what I am now.

Have 3 hobbies in life

  • One that generates income: Blogging in my case

  • One for you and people you care for: Photography

  • One exclusively for you: Writing

So photography is that special feeling for me that gives eternal pleasure and peace. I mean, what's more, enjoyable than making people Smile by "say cheese". Photography is something that can stop time, sounds so meta-human right?

Henri Cartier said "Your first 10,000 photographs are the worst", I am on my mission to take first 10,000 photos to take good photos.

Off work, you can find me cooking, reading, clicking photos.

I am aiming to become your first choice for digital marketing solutions. As I grow, I seek your help by sharing the content with those like-minded bloggers you know. This will help all three of us grow. Everything that I create and share here is mostly out of the experience, partially from learning and remaining from the ideas I get. Experience is that important. Did I mention that this experience is from the mistakes and learning from it? Yes, I didn't. You know it now.

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Where else I spend time?

I learned SEO to power my blogs, but it turns out that blog about SEO. Similarly, there are many things I find interesting and I blog about it.

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