How many times did you regret upon Photoshop being a little complex to begin with ? What if I tell you that there’s a online foto editing software that will do most of your complex work and make you feel top of the world upon seeing the results.

Brace yourself, I am going to introduce you a tool that will take care of your foto editing, collage making, image/Graphics designing and much more. The tool that is being reviewed in this post is FotoJet, and to be frank this is getting a really good amount of lime light as the services it provides are simply brilliant.

About FotoJet

  • Ranks 5th in top 10  free online collage maker on Google.
  • Very Very easy and user-friendly, in my views it is the best out there in terms of user-friendliness.
  • Provides ample number of templates to create your images from scratch.
  • A variety of templates within each editing type to give you enchanting experience of brilliant photos.
  • You can upload your own images if you do not find that perfect


The unlimited possibilities of editing a photo is a just a sign up away. You can sign in using either by email or Facebook (Facebook is more convenient in my views, and I am super lazy to register all again)

Who can use FotoJet ?

Fotojet is a super powerful platform to make the best out of the regular and plain images or create super awesome designs that is full on match to the idea in your brain. Here are possible roles and background that will find this platform really really helpful.

  • Bloggers: As a blogger, one need to create/find n number of images suiting the topic and context so as to deliver the right amount of information in right way. Pictures speak a 1000 words and hence it becomes really important for bloggers to have effective images used in the posts making it more reachable to the target audience. And there is no doubt on how important are images to SEO and using such good quality platform for your images again brings good percentage of chances of reaching the maximum crowd.
  • Internet marketing agencies: No doubt that brand awareness is one thing that will never loose the lime light. And for those who have clients mainly for promoting their client’s brand has to be up to the par so as to win their trust. And what else is more helpful than such platforms that lets you create relevant images/design for their campaigns.
  • Photographers: The main element of photography is the post-processing. It takes a skillful editing to bring out the best out the image taken. No doubt on the fact that one cannot edit and beautify a badly captured photo, but one cannot deny on the fact that a beautifully captured photo needs a bit of a clean up that will become the icing on the cake. This tool comes really handy whenever there is a need to do the retouching the photo.
  • Artists: For those who see the world as a canvas this tool becomes a magical wand. From design to artistic photo editing, this tool takes care of all. Collage is the best part from this application for the artists. A digitized copy of their art can further be beautified.

Features of FotoJet

Fotojet mainly serves 3 major editing options which covers almost every need related to photo editing

#1 Create a design on fotojet

This feature basically serves all your needs related to advertisement for your social media campaign, flyers, posters and lot more. All the marketing related editing can be done here. This feature serves the following sub-features:
  • Classic: Here you can design posters, flyers, invitation, card and cover for your magazine. These pre-sets are suitable for your promotions on social media, blog posts and magazines. Be it your promotion posts on Instagram or page promotion on Facebook, these pre-sets covers it all.smarter_world_fotojet_review
  • Social Media Header: Just like those cover photo updates from your last visit to Europe it is mandatory for the social media pages and accounts to have a descriptive and narrative. This feature helps you prepare one such image based upon standard sizes across various social media network.smarter_world_fotojet_review
  • Social Media post & Ad: Posts on social media is something that keeps the user engaged and content. And for creating a super engaging content this feature turn up of great use. You can also prepare banners which can be used for your ads, as a attractive image is a building block of a successful ad campaign.smarter_world_fotojet_review

#2 Create a collage on fotojet

Collage is yet another way to bring out the beauty of a photograph from various angle embedded in a single grid. Fotojet has taken care of this feature too. Here you can create a default collage on various grid provided by the fotjet as presets.


Apart from this there are some preset grids that will give a extra bit of magical touch to those bunch of photos and there are ample number of varieties in this to make sure your photos and efforts find the best place to rest.



#3 Edit your masterpieces

This is mostly exclusive for photographers but not restricted only to them. Because the features and settings are created to produce best out of the RAW files. However there are limited features for now but we can expect some expert level features soon on this platform.



This is a premium application and hence you might need to use your pocket to use the full features of this awesome application. It has ads in the editing window hence will make you feel “Take-My-Money-Remove-the-Ads” but for time being this application will be of great use if you are looking out for an alternate to Photoshop (beginner level) and even if you are looking to buy premium version of this application, you can go for it it’s all worth. For now it has not many tempting features, but future is promised to none.

To end this review post I would like to leave a question to you, how have you been benefited by this review post ? I am sure you must be loving this, or did I fail covering something that you were looking for ? Please engage with me on this in the comment section below, I will definitely rectify this flaw. DO comment below your views and suggestion on this or just a Hi. Share this to your network since your love is motivating to me.


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