Google since the beginning has been very particular about ads since it’s the major source of their riches. And hence Google is constantly enhancing ways with which ads can be published by publishers and efficiently advertised by the advertisers. Google AdSense lets both, publisher and advertiser closely monitor their work.

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is advertisement program from Google which deals with advertisements on the websites. In other words, this is also called PPC- Pay Per Click and this same program differ for the advertiser to that of a publisher. An advertiser gets to decide as to which of their product has to be advertised and everything about it, whereas the AdSense for the publisher is which ads, will appear on their site? the size of it, placements and what not? With Google Adsense in place, you can have any number of ads displayed on your site but obviously, you shouldn’t fill you site space like you fill color on an empty space of a white paper- we ourselves hate too many ads right? Managing the revenue, managing the ad placement, blocking certain ad types and much more is easily doable with AdSense. You can even place ads at post level as well as at page level, completely depends on the behavior of your readers and traffic.

Why should you apply for GoogAdsense?

There are many alternatives for Google Adsense like Adversal, Infolinks, popcash, and list go on. But what makes Google Adsense stand out is the control and quality of ads that they provide for our revenue. Google serving both publisher and advertiser will obviously know what really relates well between publisher and advertiser. Google serves the best in class ads that you control. Tips given by Google AdSense team is enough to generate volume revenue. Adsense provides rich ads and revenue that generates, varies from $1-$10 and maybe even more. And the best part of this program is that the ads displayed on your site are more likely to match the niche of your site, say for example if you are a fashion blogger and write mostly on clothing, there is good chance that you will get ads for apparels and accessories. Since this is contextual ads program and the search engines go through the TEXT of your site, it becomes easier to show content based ads on your site.

When should you apply for Google AdSense?

So this is a common question among us that when can we apply for adsense ? When is it more likely to get it approved ? What’s the eligibility criteria ? What are the policies that needs to be followed ? So basically google has set a standard leads in this regards, reaching or crossing which makes your site rightfully eligible for applying and using adsense program. Criteria such as traffic count, traffic sources, viral post(if any), site design, mobile-friendliness and the list goes on. Since the advertisers pay/bid for each ads, google has to make sure that their ads reaches maximum people, so site with below average page views, average designs, posts are clearly not eligible for this program. Once you apply for it, your site will be manually verified by experts and if rejected, you will get a detailed email from the adsense team mentioning where your site fell short. Makes sense ? yes it does !!

Where should you implement Google Adsense?

As mentioned earlier, once approved you can place ads at post level or at page level depending upon behavior of your traffic, you can analyze as to where does your maximum traffic spend time on your site, which part of your site is viewed maximum times and hence you can place ads there. And yes all this analysis can be done within adsense and Analytics too. Ad placement should be changed every now and then as per the behavior of the traffic this makes it more likely to get clicks, as the same thing appearing every time at same place makes it to be less noticeable, keep experimenting on this and you will surely see a good growth in the revenue. Experimenting is really very important for ever-growing revenue.

How to apply for Google Adsense?

Once you have the content and your site ready to be reviewed by adsense experts, just begin with free sign up. You will be notified by mail about the approval or rejection. In case it is rejected you will be provided with detailed reason(s) for the rejection, on which you can work upon to eliminate the reasons of rejection and re-apply.

Point to be noted here is that there is no sure short rule of when you can re-apply, once you are done with optimization of the rejection comments you can re-apply.

And in case it is approved, you are free to explore the adsense space and experiment with ads. If you already own a custom domain and if you have good content on your site with good traffic, chances of getting your adsense account approved increases drastically as having a domain is convincing enough for the publishers to bid for your their site to appear on your site.

So this was just a introduction on adsense, individual topics under adsense, tips for further monetization and lot more to come under adsense. Stay tuned, do share your comments below and share this article if you found it useful !!


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