Who likes sticking on to the same task for long ? Who likes digging the running water? Let’s just be practical and admit that life online is a serious exercise for our brains. I admit it, it is seriously a tough job to stay off the edge or ahead of the race. There are million of people constantly posting on billions of sites. It keeps on updating articles, posts, snippets of news, flash news and what not? Imagine the speed of posts per second that is uploaded worldwide ?

They say “success rate of any blog/site directly proportional to the rate of which top quality content is constantly published” — Sounds so Newton, and they are absolutely true. According to stats published by Technorati2,75,000 blog posts are made per day and 12000 blogs are created every day. With this in mind, we better be stubborn enough to constantly produce quality content at the minimum speed of 4–5 posts a day.

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You can have a blockbuster article once you

  1. Decide a rich topic

    You are done with one blockbuster article and ready for the another one?  wait !! Think again. Are you really done? I have observed this many times when ever I wrote an article I found a gap between my thoughts and the topic. I felt so helpless while filling this gap. I couldn’t fill that gap as it was not relevant to this current topic/article. Later I realized that that gap which I couldn’t fill was The Next Topic. So if you decide a topic to be researched and published, make sure you leave a hint of next topic and this forms an endless chain which goes on till you yourself stop it. A good way to be in a continuous race. In parallel you can keep observing the happenings and trends around you which are in relevance to your blogging niche, you surely find topics and problems that need solutions for which you can quickly provide the solution.

  2. Research on the content & keywords:

    Once you have finalized your topic, start your research on it. In your leisure time, while going through random emails, surfing or anytime you are occupied with any other work. Jot down the points you think that is worth sharing in your article. Search/ Create/ Take some pictures that would enhance the relevance of your article. Have a paper-pen handy, you never know when a great idea strikes your mind. At least note it in your phone. DO NOT WRITE ARTICLE WITH REFERENCE ARTICLES OPENED IN OTHER WINDOW TABS, IN PARALLEL(not always this happens, obviously). This is one mistake that I used to do in my initial days of blogging, I’ve rectified it. I used to have references opened side by side, which led me to search too many things at a time, hence distracting me very often.Give a nice time on researching for keywords, it’s really really important to do this. Search engine bots feed on keywords. Once you feed it with keywords from your article it takes no time to have your article coming up in the search result. You can save research time if the topic you’ve chosen is engraved in you as experience. 

  3. Constantly publish:

    There is a constant race going on among bloggers- and worst or good (perspective matters) part is the same topic is touched by different bloggers in different ways. Who wins? The one who publishes first with a good quality content, which circulates around the web and hits the search engine again and again and again, which eventually makes the site/blog index well, right on the top of the first page of search result. Now that they have their site/blog indexed on top of the search result’s first page, they need not worry about the traffic.

Now that you have these things done either in your mind or on a rough paper, or notebook. You are all set to give it a shape, Better write directly on the blogging editor of your service provider. You have the points jotted down, you have flawless command over the language and army of powerful & smart words and great vocabulary- Just pen down those words with the points(that you’ve jotted down) as a dye . Writing and then publishing a post is just a well-practiced show on the platform. A lot of research goes backstage before publishing and idea. So just prepare a skeleton of the article and jot it down as pack it beautifully to become an article. And lastly make sure you review the whole stuff right before hitting publish button, avoid edits !! If possible have your article proofread from your friend.

Writing an article is like attending an exam, if you are well-prepared you won’t take much time to answer all the questions. 30 minutes is more than enough to join the dots you created while researching, ain’t it?

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