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SEO-genic sites are something that are in demand and are heavily requested for. Starting from a small start up to sites like Mashable, Tech Crunch, Tech Republic and so on have one common thing in their sites, that is the SEO factor. SEO is making your site search-engine friendly or in other words making your site more efficiently visible on search results.

So without wasting must of your time, let’s got into some awesome tips for hiking up your site’s SEO Ranking.


#1 Write what reader wants to read and not what you want them too.

Getting into reader’s mind is one of the best and cleanest way to get more traffic. Serve what they want and it will reach maximum people. Once reader finds what he’s looking for will make him visit again. More the needful content > more the clicks > more the clicks more recognizable your site will become and this eventually will lead to hiking up your site ranking. Cool right ?

#2 Write things that aren’t available anywhere else.

Unique and rare things are always applauded, same goes with the internet too. Write things that aren’t available anywhere else, and this exclusivity will get huge traffic to your site. Make sure you write what’s need and that too in unique way and this will bring you audience growing tremendously.

#3 Refresh contents frequently.

It’s always good to stay updated, same goes with the articles too. It’s highly recommended to update your articles as per the current happenings. Updating the article will give a fresh information to reader and hence making them satisfied on every aspect. This will keep the readers interested in your site.

 #4 Use strong keywords

One thing that can pull your site to top is using strong and good keywords. As people say that people with good words are appreciated similarly articles with good keywords are read, liked and shared more. This doesn’t mean to have same set words across all of your articles, but having certain keyword’s variation across all your articles. Search engines are designed such a way that it gives importance to repetitive words, hence increasing the indexing.

#5 Have a keyword in your domain or website URL

After you manage to get a keyword in your domain name or in the website URL, your half way through. Having a keyword plays a vital role in pulling up your site on indexing grounds. If you fail to get a optimized keyword , next possibly the best option is to have it in your URL.

#6 Follow keyword density

Keyword density is number of times a certain keyword is used in the article. There lies tons of recommendations on the internet but it all depends on you, how efficiently you want to target your audience. Keyword density is all about serving same words in different styles and forms, all lies in your brain and intention of specific target.

#7 Show off your keywords

Keyword density is the number of times a keyword is searched. Begin with analysing the target keyword and then highlighting it by Bold or underlining it, Hyper link will also do.
Doing this will get your site a very good hold over the search engine. Search engines learns the repetitive words quickly.

#8 Sharing is Caring

Telling your kith and kins to share your articles is the best & cheapest way to increase your indexing. The network marketing is a blessing to the internet sharing today. one friend shares your article and further it gets shared and goes on. Once your articles is on track offline, you need not worry of the views.


No matter what you do, how awesomely you do though accidentally if your site gets blocked for any reason, it will be very difficult to get back that prestigious place in the SEO ranking. Below mentioned are few warnings that will help you defend this mishap.

#9 Do not Redirect to another domain(s)

Now a days site hijacking is in trend. So if you have to many redirects, spammers may hijack your site between the two nodes/points. Avoiding this will eliminate too much of hijacks and unwanted hacks.

#10 Avoid Invisible Images

Invisible images are <1 pixel sized images. Invisible images are not visible to readers but if the search engine spider(Web Crawler) detects it your site might be banned for misrepresentation. Be choosy for the images on your site.

#11 Avoid Invisible text

Similar to the invisible images, having invisible is a small but major loop hole on your site which may lead to having a bad image in reader’s mind. Having font color same as the background will make the text invisible. Watch it !!!

#12 Do not have Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are used for spamdexing and more or less and illegal stuff to have on your site. It’s better to know less about this, trust me it’s safe to stay away from this. It is visible to the search engine spider(Web Crawler), nothing goes unnoticed from the spider- It’s made sharp. It’s intentionally showcasing your site as highly ranked one, if caught your site is banned once and for all.

SEO is nothing big, it’s all about what you do and how awesomely you hold your readers. Follow these tips and surely your site’s indexing will bloom day & night. Share this article to make the internet an awesome place to be.

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