Help guides to start/grow your business online by the following but not limited to

Search Engine Optimization

Do you know that there are millions of blog posts published every single day? How do you think you can compete for this ocean of blog posts? Learn here about Search Engine Optimization here or Get in touch for consulting.

WordPress Development

WordPress is one of the most used content managing software used by big names in the industry. It's easy, it's friendly and it's important. Learn here how to setup and maintain a WordPress website or Get in touch for consulting.

Content Marketing

Did you know that 67% of the marketers get most of their leads from content marketing? Content is the king and you can become the emperor with right writing skills. Learn here how you can boost your business with content marketing or Get in touch for consulting.

YouTube SEO

Did you know that there are 400 hours of videos uploaded each second on YouTube? It becomes really competitive there, but you can get through this with right techniques. Learn here about YouTube SEO or Get in touch for consulting.

Social Media Optimization

Did you know that Google considers social media engagement as one of the ranking factors? Why let this opportunity go away from you? Make the most of it by learning about it here or Get in touch for consulting.

Email Marketing

Did you know that a lot of affiliate marketers earn a living by email marketing alone? No website, no social media, only pure email marketing. Learn here how to influence people with email marketing or Get in touch for consulting.


Abhishek Mandloi

Hiring Shubham is one of the best decision I have taken for Gtricks. His work is detailed yet simple and most of all, it’s actionable. We have witnessed the tremendous impact of SEO since Shubham started working on it. If you need help with SEO, Shubham is the guy you want to talk to.